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Preliminary Notes

Education and qualifications are the keys to Germany‘s future. A good education and solid qualifications allow individuals to participate in society while enabling talented young people to become more involved in Germany‘s development. Education and qualifications are essential for ensuring that there are sufficient qualified people to meet current needs. They are also the prerequisites for research, innovation and the development of technological products, thus securing and enhancing Germany‘s economic strength and growth. Internationally competitive research establishments and outstanding researchers strengthen Germany as a key science location.

That is why the Federal Government has made education and research its priorities. It is providing an additional amount of more than €13 billion for this area in the 17th legislative period. Reliable data is needed for sound policy-making in the areas of education, research and innovation. As well as specific information about the various areas of education and research, this includes data on the expenditure of the Federal Government and the Länder. The data and facts about education and research contained in the brochure "Education and Research in Figures 2013" provide the basic information needed to get a quick overview of education and research policy.

The BMBF's Data Portal offers more detailed, up-to-date information covering long time series. You can search the site by entering keywords or use the available navigational aids. Various output formats are available.


  • Education and Research in Figures 2013

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    Selected Information from the BMBF's Data Portal

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