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Preliminary Notes

Excellent education, qualification, science and research are prerequisites for the present and future success of Germany in the international competition. Education and qualification are the key to social participation and integration of each and every one. They are also the best means to prevent skills shortage. High innovative strength is inconceivable without skilled staff and excellent researchers and scientists.

The quality of the education system and the science, research and innovation system has played a major role in Germany mastering the economic and financial crisis so successfully and without suffering a slump on the labour market. The Federal Government therefore continues to set its priorities in the areas of education, science and research. It will provide an additional 9 billion euros for these areas during the 18th legislative period.

Sound policy-making in education, research and innovation requires reliable data and information. As well as specific information about the various areas of education and research, this includes data on the expenditure of the Federal Government and the Länder. The data and facts about education and research contained in the brochure "Education and Research in Figures" provide the basic information needed to get a quick overview of education and research policy.

The BMBF's Data Portal offers more detailed, up-to-date information covering long time series. You can search the site by entering keywords or use the available navigational aids. Various output formats are available.


  • Education and Research in Figures 2015

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    Selected Information from the BMBF's Data Portal

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