1) The drop-outs of the different degree programmes relate to different years of first-year students.
2) Due to the changes in the higher education structures, the Diplom/Magister drop-out rates of the separate graduate year groups are comparable only to a very limited extend among each other as well as with the drop-out rates of the other degree programmes. No data available for graduate year groups 2014 and 2016 because of low case numbers. For further information see source (German language only).
3) Excluding teacher's master degree.
4) For gaduate year group 2014 there were no calculations for the total of state examinations, but for law (2014 = 24%; 2016 = 28%), medicine (2014 = 11%; 2016 = 6%) and teaching (2014 = 13%; 2016 = 14%).

m = data not available.

Last update: December 2018

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