1) Including banking, insurance, hotels and restaurants, transport.
2) Excluding training contracts that are registered at other competent authorities (chambers) outside this training sector, according to the vocational training act (Berufsbildungsgesetz).
3) Due to the new statistics concept in 2007, data for 2007 do not exist. The results before and after the adjustment are comparable to a limited extent only. As of 2021, the definition of newly concluded training contracts applies which was used until 2006.
4) As of 2007, differences in sums are possible due to the rounding procedure to ensure privacy in vocational education statistics. For further information see source.
5) In Bremen: Year of reference 2014.
6) 2016: in Hamburg no notifications in training sector home economics.

- = no figures or magnitude zero.
m = data not available.

Last update: August 31, 2022

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