1) Grades 5 to 10.
2) Grades 11 to 13.
3) As of school year 2018/2019, differences in sums are possible due to the rounding procedure to ensure privacy in general schools statistics. For further information see source.
4) In the school years 2003/2004 to 2005/2006, the "Secondary general school" includes vocational programmes.
5) As of school year 2016/2017, "Evening intermediate school" includes "Evening secondary general school".
6) As of school year 2015/2016, including pupils who are not assignable to any school type.
7) "Primary school" partly includes "School kindergarten".
8) As of school year 2016/2017, "Integrated comprehensive school" includes "Schools with different courses of education".
9) "School kindergarten" includes "Pre-school class".

- = no figures or magnitude zero.
y = data included in another position.

Last update: September 29, 2023

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