Source: Federal Ministry of Education and Research, special evaluation
This table also appears in the Federal Report on Research and Innovation as Table 7.

1) Possible rounding differences.
2) 2009 to 2011, including investment and redemption fund excluding allocations to the Länder (economic stimulus package - Konjunkturpaket II). As of 2011, including "Energy and climate fund". As of 2012, research funding in the area of electro mobility is financed by the "Energy and climate fund". 2016, including future investments.
3) Without the supplementary budget of 9 June 2021.
4) Including expenditure on orders for departmental and defence research and development. From 2001 to 2006, including further development of universities and science as well as the realisation of equal opportunities for women in research and education. Excluding basic funding of federal institutions with research and development tasks.
5) Excluding tax measures (grants, special depreciations).
6) Including Land-owned institutions with research and development tasks that are jointly funded by the federal and Länder governments.
7) Including universities of the federal armed forces and the Federal University of Applied Administrative Sciences.
8) Located in Germany and abroad.
9) ACTUAL figures are needed to break down the BMBF's global reduced expenditure by types of funding.
10) The departments' scopes of responsibilities and their names correspond to the organisational division of the 19th legislative period's Federal Government.

- = no figures or magnitude zero.

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