1) Results based on 2011 Census.
2) Findings of the Microcensus. Calculated with data of the population census (Bevölkerungsfortschreibung) that is based on 2011 Census.
3) Employed foreigners covered by social security. Survey reference day for each year is 30 June.
4) Referring to the total civilian labour force.
5) General schools and vocational schools.
6) Full-time equivalents. Findings of the statistics on public service personnel. Survey reference day for each year is 30 June.
7) Fully employed teachers at general and vocational schools.
8) Hamburg: Data of the previous year.
9) Full-time teachers at higher education only.
10) Findings of the quarterly financial cash statistics, excluding hospitals and teaching hospitals which keep commercial accounts. Adjusted expenditure of the core and extra budgets.
11) Basic funds excluding expenditure on pensions; preliminary ACTUAL.
12) Annual findings of the German Regional Accounts. Pursuant to the European System of Accounts (ESA), 2019 revision. Date of calculations: August 2019/February 2020.

- = no figures or magnitude zero.

Last update: May 13, 2020

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